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Tips to make your Baby Shower unforgettable

The dream of every mom is the arrival of her baby, that is why before the birth many decide to hold a party with their friends and family to celebrate such a wonderful event. In our blog, we will mention some tips that you must take into account to realize this celebration.

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose the perfect place: for this you must think about which site you will feel more comfortable in your home, in a private club or in a park, each of these places have something special, if it is your pleasure consult with your friends and thus you will be able to know which is the preference of all.

Baby Shower Decoration: remember that for any event it is necessary that the invitations are related to the decoration, it is also essential to differentiate the sex of the baby if it is a girl, it is ideal to use pink pastels and if it is a boy, they will look great Light Blue.

Food and Sweets: to choose the food of a baby shower you can use a simple and very healthy menu you can present the buffet style food with buns, fruits, sandwiches, and you can not miss the cakes or sweets alluding to the celebration.

Games: we can mention the most fun as the race with eggs, learn to put diapers and guess who is who, the latter is done using the photo of the guests when they were babies. In the game phase, both the mom and the guests will feel happy remembering their childhood stage.

As you read it is not very difficult to organize a baby shower and although it is a celebration that takes place in a short time, always the photos and memories will remain for life.

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