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Animate to celebrate a baby shower

A baby shower will always be a special celebration so today we will mention some ideas that will make this party a memorable memory for all the companions and of course for the waiting mom.

When starting with the preparations we must take into account how many guests will have our party to choose the size of the club or how many portions of food we are going to prepare.

Always remember that the food for a pregnant woman must be healthy for this we recommend preparing rich appetizers, like fruit salads and rich low-fat snacks. As for drinks fruit juices are an excellent option you can combine several fruits, for example, strawberry with pineapple, not only will you delight your guests for its rich flavor but will give a little color to your table.

We can not leave aside desserts such as cupcakes, brownies or cookies decorated. These are one of the most important attractions of the party not only delicious but because they represent part of the decoration.

Candies and simple gifts should not be missing.

Creating a signature book and a photo shoot will make your baby shower a moment that you will remember for a lifetime. Celebrating the arrival of a baby is always a wonderful love cote we invite you to celebrate.

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